Exiles, Pedophiles, and the Truth About Censorship — What they didn’t tell you in early February

The United States’ First Political Exile in 8 Years

Daniel W Finley
2 min readFeb 18, 2021


The United States has gained its first political exile in the last 8 years, Andy Ngo, an Asian journalist forced out by violence from radical Left-wing violence. Unlike the case of Edward Snowden, Andy Ngo was forced into exile, not by government action, by death threats from radical Democrat group Antifa after police failed to respond to those threats. The violent group, which the Biden Administration has refused to acknowledge, also successfully got Ngo’s book removed from Powell’s Bookstore in Portland.

The Scale Of Censorship

A shocking new study from the University of Washington beautifully illustrates the problem of censorship on the internet. Conservative groups are actively discriminated against, even as many so-called journalists refuse to acknowledge the issue, and have actually reported false studies to the contrary.

Biden Admin Cancels Parental Benefits

The Biden Administration, in a HUGE break from democratic norms, canceled parental leave and benefits to White House staff that were hired during the Trump Administration. A cruel political move that was purely vindictive and vengeful.

Lincoln Project Pedophiles still Defended by Anti-Trumpers

Evidence has emerged that the Founders of the Lincoln Project, and many in the media, *knew* that John Weaver was sexually grooming young boys — but did not report on it in an effort to hurt Trump’s reelection.

Despite these horrific truths, many people claiming to be principled Republicans, are still defending and donating to the group:

Some of those still willing to donate are China-based companies and Romney-linked Bain Capital.

The Lincoln project was the main intellectual force behind most of the anti-Trump movement in conservative circles, and many leaders in the anti-Trump circles have still failed to condemn Weaver (It appears the more ‘principled’ conservative claims to be, the fewer principles they actually have). The Mainstream and legacy media outlets also suppressed any reporting on the pedophile until after the election — a perverted move that may constitute a clear example of voter fraud, or at least mass voter manipulation.

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