SWFT AllChain Bridge — The most Powerful and Easiest Cross-Chain Bridge in the History of Cryptocurrencies.

SWFT and the Problem of Decentralization

Drawn by its natural tendency to decentralize, blockchain-based cryptocurrencies are on the rise. Bitcoin and Ethereum have been going mainstream and making big headlines, and some financial advisers are now even recommending them. Decentralized cryptocurrencies attract many investors because their decentralization creates fair, market-based currencies that cannot be arbitrarily manipulated by a central agency.

However, that same decentralization has proven to be a big problem. Cryptocurrencies are built on different blockchains, and those blockchains don’t communicate with one another directly. It can be very hard to exchange coins from one chain to another; for instance, USDT on the Ethereum blockchain does not easily transfer into USDT on the Tron blockchain, despite being the same token.

The process of exchanging coins from one chain to another is complicated, expensive, and out of reach for many people new to cryptocurrency, despite being an absolutely essential process.

SWFT AllChain Bridge, however, confronts this issue head-on. SWFT makes swapping coins from any chain easy, fast, and cheap, allowing cryptocurrencies to finally achieve a new level of utility.

A Bridge To Everywhere

SWFT is a new cross-chain bridge that connects over four hundred (400) different tokens from major blockchains. It is a “one-stop-shop” for users so they can quickly and easily exchange tokens, helping to unite the fragmented world of cryptocurrency.

Available globally, it connects over five hundred (500) different tokens on over sixteen (16) of the most common blockchains including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Fantom, Tron, Polygon, Avax, Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot, and more. It works with nineteen (19) of the most common wallets making it easier for everyone to connect, with more wallets being added constantly. It is already the largest DEX aggregator in Asia and looks poised to grow even more.

SWFT AllChain supports more blockchains and tokens than any other competitor, and that is because it is more than just a DEX aggregator. It operates by scanning DEXes and CEXes (centralized exchanges) to find the best and smartest route for any swap. It draws off the liquidity inherent in other exchanges to create a smaller target for hackers and keep fees low. It acts as an aggregator of aggregators, adding another level to the trading infrastructure that can help link the ever-expanding cryptocurrency space.

Thus, SWFT AllChain connects more remote silos in the crypto-verse than any other DEX or DEX aggregator. It combines this functionality with an interface that is simple and intuitive, making cryptocurrency accessible to everyone — including newbies.

Why Use SWFT AllChainBridge

While having more available tokens for swapping than other DEX is essential, a key aspect that makes SWFT superior to other DEX aggregators is its ease of use.

Once a wallet is installed on your phone or browser, it takes only 2 clicks and less than 5 seconds to connect it to SWFT. While other DEXes have very complicated home pages, SWFT’s is simple and to the point, and avoids the need for “spot” wallets.

SWFT User Interface

This means that even beginners will be able to quickly swap for the tokens they want.

Low Transaction Fees

Low fees are another huge incentive to use SWFT AllChain. SWFT charges only 0.2% fee for your swap, and those fees go as low as 0.1% if you hold enough SWFT Coin (SWFTC). There is nothing any exchange can do about out-of-control gas fees on some networks like Ethereum, but SWFT has kept its own fees as low as possible, and lower than any competitors’, to make swapping across chains as accessible as possible.

24/7 Customer Service

Cryptocurrency does not tend to be a place that is easy for newbies, but at the same time, many projects and protocols have very limited customer service. As part of its vision for a more integrated cryptocurrency world, SWFT offers support via their email and their support Telegram channel that is available 24/7.

The mods can deal directly with the technical team and are happy to take your feedback or get an issue you are having solved. In a space that often intimidates everyone except the most experienced, this kind of service is essential for you.

SWFT Allchain App and Wallet

SWFT also has an app with a built-in wallet. The app has the functions expected of an exchange and more: you can track prices and create a list of your favorite coins to follow and it also lets you access their powerful DEX aggregator so you can swap coins on your phone across the major chains at the same low rates.

The app has some unique features as well, like daily rewards from other users in “Red Packets.” You can also distribute funds to many people at once using the same feature.

Having the app on your phone lets you connect to wallets that don’t necessarily have a browser extension, like the popular Trust Wallet.

A Bridge For — And To — The Future

In the future, SWFT will allow you to immediately swap tokens for NFTs, and support even more wallets and coins. That functionality is currently being built and getting implemented.

As that gets fully developed, SWFT has already made cryptocurrency more functional by making it less fragmented. It provides a single place where you can do all the swaps you need, at the lowest rate, using the smartest routes that will still provide safety. It is a necessary part of cryptocurrency infrastructure that will become more and more vital as cryptocurrency becomes more and more expansive.

It also makes cryptocurrency more accessible to newbies by being simple, and yet more functional to experts by providing a powerful, decentralized cross-chain tool.

In the end, these features will not just make SWFT an essential part of cryptocurrency infrastructure, but will also give cryptocurrency the infrastructure it needs for mass adoption.



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